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Hear from our portfolio companies, advisors, investors and industry thought leaders on why Bicameral is different.

What Entrepreneurs Say

"Bicameral Ventures have been providing real value for us even before they decided to invest in Balance. Their strong industry connections and understanding of the space make them a reliable and trusted source of unbiased, candid advice, whenever needed."

"Bicameral has been beyond an investor, they have been an awesome partner. They curiously explored our operation until they had a good enough sense of it and once there, were able to deliver immense value in numerous ways: placements in key industry events, connections to strategic partners and providers and made themselves available when we had to call in for help.They provided ongoing strategic advice while demonstrating profound understanding of our business and market. I am happy to include them among the best investors we've had."

"Joining the Bicameral portfolio was one of the best decisions we've made as a company. The Bicameral team is not only forward-thinking about Web3 technology but also about the new business models and interactions that come with it. They've been incredibly helpful in connecting us to with important partners and customers in the space, and perhaps most importantly to me, they are a team that is truly sincere in their desire to move Web3 technology forward for the benefit of society."

What Our Advisors Say

"Bicameral’s interconnected “stack” simplifies development and go-to-market of blockchain, AI and IoT solutions, which is something we badly need, particularly from an enterprise perspective. [Their] long term vision of enabling the trusted, open, self-sovereign world of tomorrow is particularly impressive and something I am proud to support"

“The timing for venture and token investments in blockchain and cryptocurrencies is right now. The team at Bicameral have a unique network providing a strong flow of quality investment opportunities in truly entrepreneurial companies. Their focus and disciplined approach will drive above-average upside in a sector with tremendous growth prospects. I enjoy working with Alex, Kesem and the Bicameral team.

What Others Have Shared

"As we move into a complex new era of AI, ubiquitous interconnectivity and mass-scale machine-to-machine transactions, the Internet needs a trust upgrade. Achieving poses both a challenge and a huge opportunity. That's why I'm excited to work with Bicameral, whose investment strategy will find and integrate solutions across different sectors of the emerging Internet of Trusted Experiences."

"Corporations usually strategically acquire their competition or companies somewhere in their supply and distribution chain to leverage the synergetic value these companies add to their operations. This is one of the few investment funds purchasing three similar companies that complement each other can grow with synergy."